Kingdom Hearts is light.

Hey there! I'm Jake, 21 and Australian!

I really enjoy video gaming, Japanese culture, books, music, writing, drawing and in particular, TV Shows and movies. I like to get emotionally invested in TV Shows, that's how I roll. Some favourite actors of mine are Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Bell.

I live a Sonic The Hedgehog-appreciation life.

I'm also currently madly in love with both Nathaniel Buzolic and Theo James.

Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts are my current video game obsession for the moment (For the millionth time), while I'm starting to get into the Final Fantasy franchise.

I'm always up for having a chat! I love to make new friends.

Seriously though, that stage is so infuriating. I can’t finish time attack because I keep falling off the damn edge. The only good thing about that stage is the music. That’s it.

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is there... another girl in there with you?

true struggle is trying to attempt zone 2 of frozen factory in sonic lost world

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I now have my Disney costume for my friend’s disney dress-up birthday party. Should be fun!

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so now what?

tarns replied to your post: So wait, what is your sexual orientation?

They’re probably asking cause they’re interested in you :)

They’ve sent me a few messages saying they wanna make out with me, haha. :’)

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So wait, what is your sexual orientation?

I mentioned it in a message to you before anon, I’m bi.

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